2017 was all about challenge for me. I decided not to make an exception for the last day of the year and spend it at Fuji-Q Highland. It’s a very popular amusement park near mount Fuji. We bought special tickets for the entrance and any 3 rides for about 3000 and something yen. We were not planning to spend much time in the park. But riding 3 most scariest and fastest roller coasters in the world was a must.

Here I am, near the park, listening to screams and thinking why the hell I decided to come here?

The first roller coaster we took was Fujiyama. It is 79 meters high! When they were taking us to the top it was already pretty scary, but then it was soooo fast and frightening!

After Fujiyama we went to the next one, Takabisha, on shaking legs. The thing of this roller coaster is the unusual angle.

photo by Gigazine

But it wasn’t all! First, we rode through a dark tunnel at high speed. After we left the tunnel and made a couple of those loops it stopped for some seconds and slowly took us to the top. At that time I was praying to all gods. The vertical lift was scary in itself, and I have no words to describe how scary our way down was.

At this point we considered we are the bravest people in the world. And there is no attraction that could scare us. So we went to the cherry on this roller coaster pie – to Eejanaika. Standing in line we were trying to deal with the timing, because it was 5 pm, and our New Year dinner at the hotel was at 6pm. I called the hotel and asked if it is possible to reschedule dinner to 7pm. But they said “No” (“dame desu”, if you know what I mean. It’s a note to people thinking that a customer is a god in Japan). So all our way in the line we thinking how to get to a hotel as soon as possible after we took the ride.

When our turn came we were surprised because staff asked to take off the shoes. It was pretty cold, my socks were white, my thoughts were about food. Well, ok, we took our shoes off. The second thing was that they removed the floor. We were driven backwards, and I was trying not to pee in my pants because of fear. When we were on the top I looked at the city, at small lights which were houses and thinking about people sitting on the couches, or preparing dinners and not riding such scary things!

What was next could be very easily described with one word – F*CK!

After Eejanayka we went to a hotel, I’ll write about it in the next post.

Stay tuned!